80 proof Setliste

1. I Wanna Know                                                         (Behle/80 proof)

2. Sweet Emma                                                          (Adderly)

3. Roll Over Beethoven                                              (Berry)

4. Old Time Rock’n’Roll                                             (Jackson/Jones)

5. Cocaine                                                                   (Cale)

6. If I don’t be there by Morning                                 (Dylan/Springs)

7. Well Allright                                                             (Petty/Holly/Allison/Mauldin)

8. Badge                                                                      (Clapton/Harrison)

9. Nighttime is the right Time                                     (trad.)

10. Call me the Breeze                                               (Cale)

11. Lay Down Sally                                                     (Clapton/Levy/Terry)

12. Tulsa Time                                                            (Flowers)

13. Bellbottom Blues                                                 (Clapton)

14. Crossroads                                                          (Johnson)

15. All right now                                                          (Fraser/Rodgers)

16. A Fool for your stockings                                    (Gibbons/Hill/Beard)

17. Black Magic Woman                                          (Green)

18. Little Wing                                                            (Hendrix)

19. Have you ever seen the rain                              (Fogerty)

20. Apache                                                                (Lordan)

21. Sticks And Stones                                              (Turner)

22. Mustang Sally                                                     (Rice)

23. Bring It On Home To Me                                   (Cooke)

24. Key to the Highway                                            (trad.)

25. Honky Tonk Women                                          (Jagger/Richards)

26. Sittin’ on the dock of the bay                            (Redding/Cropper)

27. Can’t find my way home                                   (Winwood)

28. White Room                                                      (Bruce/Brown)

29. Green Onions                                                    (Jones/Cropper/Steinberg/Jackson)

30. Sunny Afternoon                                                (Davies)

31. I can’t stand the Rain                                        (Bryant/Peebles/Miller)

32. Messin with the kid                                          (London)

33. The Thrill is gone                                              (Darnell/Hawkins)

34. Dead End Street                                              (Davies)

35. All or nothing                                                     (Marriott/Lane)

36. Wonderful Tonight                                            (Clapton)

37. All Your Love                                                    (Rush)

38. Wishing Well                                                    (Rodgers/Kirke/Yamauchi/Kossoff/Bundrick)

39. You don’t love me                                            (Cobbs)

40. Walking by myself                                           (Lane)

41. Hey Joe                                                            (Roberts)

42. Stand By Me                                                    (King/Leiber/Stoller)

43. All shook up                                                     (Blackwell/Presley)

44. Too Rolling Stoned                                         (Trower)

45. Lie to Me                                                         (Mccabe / David Z)

46. Can’t keep from Crying sometimes              (traditionel)

47. Burning of the Midnight Lamp                        (Hendrix)

48. Killing Floor                                                      (Hendrix)

49. Oh Baby                                                           (Behle / 80proof))

50. I heard it through the grapewine                    (Gaye)



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